Java Card Programming
AppsWireless has expertise in the development of
Applet Java Card and 7816 programming interface.

The Java Card platform is the tiniest of Java targeted for embedded devices. It is an open, interoperable platform for smart cards and secure tokens; the technology is also widely used in SIM cards (it’s used in GSM mobile phones) and ATM cards.

Java Card gives users to ability to program a device and make it application specific and lets smart card developers use a common card platform. Smart cards, unlike magnetic stripe cards, can carry all necessary functions and information on the card; therefore, they do not require access to remote database at the time of the transaction.

SIM Toolkit Programming
AppsWireless has expertise in the SIM Toolkit Programming for Android and SIM Toolkit compatible feature phones – this programming for UICC, and Smart Card Web Server.

Potential Apps:
Rich SIM card apps
On-Device Self-Service
Application Management
Mobile Payments
Mobile NFC